Thesis learning object manager

The thesis is usually considered the most important sentence of your essay because it outlines the central purpose of your essay in one place. A good thesis will link the subject of an essay with a controlling idea.

Thesis learning object manager

However, in spite of the advantages of the LO model and the technology associated with it, there is a gap between the IT knowledge and skills of the Thesis learning object manager users of LO, i. This procedure uses a tool for quality assessment to guide the construction process of LOs.

The dearth of empirical research on the subject, as these authors conclude, has a negative effect in the effectiveness of the use of the existing materials.

This is something that specifically affects the kind of digital learning materials addressed in our paper: Learning Objects henceforth LOs. The bibliography concerning LOs is also for the most part devoted to the presentation of LO management software, e.

There are two main ways in which researchers tackle the quest for the efficient creation and use of Thesis learning object manager by instructors: In spite of the unquestionable help that these resources represent, there are limitations associated with both of them.

LO creation guides are often hard to handle for IT-illiterate users and are usually address at content developers; therefore they do not have the intended impact on quality. The use of templates and toolkits, in turn, though providing a clear guidance to instructors who might otherwise feel at a loss, does not solve a inherent problem of LORs, i.

Checking Content Into the Learning Object Manager

Additionally, there are also quality evaluation models available for instructors [15] [16], but the same as LO creation guides, they are not always easy to understand or apply. Besides the efficiency issue, the creation of LOs must always take into account the ulterior quality evaluation.

This evaluation is only part of the general goal of ensuring quality education, but from the point of view of teachers and students, it is crucial to have models and guidelines for the assessment of the quality of teaching materials.

For the instructor, it means being able to be given credit for an activity that requires great dedication and that, until now, was not sufficiently recognized. For students, having good teaching materials ensures a more effective learning. In Spain, as attested by the results of the survey carried out by REBIUN [20], there is a lack of repositories exclusively devoted to digital teaching resources.

Likewise, there is also a dearth of guidelines for the creation of quality LOs. Guidelines have been found only for the creation of educational texts, e. In all these cases, the application of quality evaluation models, are always a posteriori and by external evaluators, which is often confusing and discouraging for instructors at the time of entering new LOs — see [7] about the poor agreement between users and experts concerning the quality of LOs.

The most widespread situation faced by instructors when approaching LORs is highly conditioned by the above-stated problems. What they usually find is that the management of learning materials, using IT tools, has to be done by the users themselves, without assistance or with little help; with no or low technology resources staff, hardware, software ; with no or little recognition; and with a great effort and limited availability of time, as it is extra-work.

All this is accentuated by the fact that the IT prowess of many instructors, mostly in the area of Humanities, is well below the demands of LOR management.

Thesis learning object manager

As a result, a majority of faculty members — at least within the context best known to us, i. Others create materials with great pedagogic potential but which are technologically poor i.

The ultimate consequence is that students are no longer encouraged to use IT and communication tools to study and work, with the corresponding impoverishment of their education. Our research and teaching experience in Teaching Technology and e-learning has shown us countless examples of digital teaching materials of great educational value that have required a significant investment in time and money, but have hardly been used because of their excessive dependence on technology support or because they include content which may eventually expire.

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In this regard, the authors of this paper have been involved in the development of new systems, models and methods of teaching and learning in Web environments that enable teachers to create, use and disseminate educational or research digital materials [24] [25] [26] [27].

This article describes some of the most recent work we are carrying out: The paper is organized as follows. In this paper we present a proposal based on the application of a quality evaluation tool developed to induce the transformation of educational materials into effective and accessible LOs.

A LO is any digital resource for instructional purposes that can be reused in multiple disciplinary, educational and IT contexts. The goal is to create educational materials as pieces that can be assembled together to create more complex ones and added to any e-learning computer system for use [29].

This increases the profitability of these objects. The idea of improving the profitability of digital materials at industrial level can also be applied to the case of instructors. If these build their teaching materials so that they are as reusable, accessible and independent as possible of the technology, they will then be able to use them in new disciplinary and IT contexts as well as to build new materials.

However, the theoretical and technological knowledge needed to build LOs is beyond the reach of many faculty members, at least without the support of IT technical staff. One possible way to address the construction of LOs without theoretical knowledge or expertise on these is by including, during the construction of digital learning materials, an assessment of their quality.

Thus, if an evaluation tool is applied which is conveniently designed to assess the criteria that make LOs profitable, the task of creating digital teaching materials can be oriented towards the creation of LOs.

There is, however, no consensus regarding the concept of quality applied to teaching materials [31].


Our research has looked at this problem and offers a possible interpretation, close to both the needs of Spanish faculty members and the industrial objective of profitability that originated the LOs.The Learning Object Manager (LOM) provides a graphical way to manage your Learning Objects.

You can access it from the Management Control section of the main LearnCenter page by either clicking Resource Manager or Learning Object Manager (LOM). Checking Content Into the Learning Object Manager If you have checked LearnCenter objects out for editing, you must check them back in to make it accessible to other Admins.

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A thesis generally consists of a subject that contains within itself a number of smaller facts; the topic sentence of each paragraph that makes up the body of the paper should refer (in some clear way) back to the ideas contained within the thesis statement in order to keep the paper from digressing.

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