Sport is a means of promoting national unity

Leadership, mismanagement bane of tertiary institutions — Obasanjo On 7: However, the realities today show that rather than being the manpower for social integration and exponential economic development, higher institutions have become hubs for tribalism, nepotism, marginalisation etc.

Sport is a means of promoting national unity

Preamble We the people of Eritrea, united in a common struggle for our rights and common destiny, standing on the solid ground of unity and justice bequeathed by our martyrs and combatants: Chapter I General Provisions Article 1 The State of Eritrea and its Territory 1 Eritrea is a sovereign and independent State founded on the principles of democracy, social justice and the rule of law.

Sport is a means of promoting national unity

The powers and duties of these units shall be determined by law. Article 2 Supremacy of the Constitution 1 This Constitution is the legal expression of the sovereignty of the Eritrean people. It is the source of government legitimacy and the guarantor for the protection of the rights, freedoms and dignity of citizens and of just administration.

Article 3 Citizenship 1 Any person born of an Eritrean Sport is a means of promoting national unity or mother is an Eritrean by birth.

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Article 4 National Symbols and Languages 1 The Eritrean Flag shall have green, red and blue colors with golden olive leaves located at the center.

The exact description of the Flag shall be determined by law. The details of the National Anthem and the Coat of Arms shall be determined by law. Article 5 Gender Reference Without consideration to the gender wording of any provision in this Constitution, all of its articles shall apply equally to both genders.

Chapter II National Objectives and Directive Principles Article 6 National Unity and Stability 1 As the people and government struggle to establish a united and developed Eritrea, within the context of the diversity of Eritrea, they shall be guided by the basic principle Unity in diversity.

Article 7 Democratic Principles 1 It is a fundamental principle of the State to guarantee its citizens broad and active participation in all political, economic, social and cultural life of the country. Article 8 Competent Justice System 1 The justice system of Eritrea shall be independent, competent and accountable pursuant to the provisions of the Constitution and laws.

Article 9 Competent Public Administration 1 Eritrea shall have an efficient, effective and accountable public service. Article 10 Economic and Social Development 1 The State shall endeavor to create opportunities to ensure the fulfillment of citizens' rights to social justice and the economic development and to fulfill their material and spiritual needs.

Article 11 National Culture 1 The State shall have the responsibility of creating and maintaining the necessary conditions for enriching national culture, which is the expression of national identity and unity and progress of the Eritrean people.

Article 12 National Defense and Security 1 Defense and security forces of Eritrea shall owe allegiance to and defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country, the Constitution and the government established pursuant thereto.

Article 13 Foreign Policy The foreign policy of Eritrea is based on respect for the independence and sovereignty of countries and on promoting the interest of regional and international peace, cooperation, harmony and development. Article 15 Right to Life and Liberty 1 No person shall be deprived of life without due process of law.

Article 16 Right to Human Dignity 1 The dignity of all persons shall be inviolable.

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Article 17 Arrest, Detention and Fair Trial 1 No person may be arrested or detained save pursuant to due process of law. Where the arresting officer fails to bring him before the court of law and provide the reason for their arrest, the court shall accept the petition and order the release of the prisoner.

No person shall be liable to be tried again for any criminal offence on which judgment has been rendered. Article 18 Right to Privacy 1 Every person shall have the right to privacy.

Article 19 Freedom of Conscience, Religion, Expression of Opinion, Movement, Assembly and Organization 1 Every person shall have the right to freedom of thought, conscience and belief.

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Article 20 Right to Vote and to be a Candidate to an Elective Office Every citizen who fulfills the requirements of the electoral law shall have the right to vote or to campaign to be elected to any office of leadership in government. Article 21 Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and Responsibilities 1 Every citizen shall have the right of equal access to publicly funded social services.

The State shall endeavor, within the limit of its resources, to make available to all citizens health, education, cultural and other social services. Article 22 Family 1 The family is the natural and fundamental unit of society and is entitled to the protection and special care of the State and society.

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Article 23 Right to Property 1 Subject to the provisions of Sub-Article 2 of this Article, any citizen shall have the right, any where in Eritrea, to acquire, own, and dispose of all property individually or in association with others and to bequeath to his heirs or legatees.the discriminatory trends currently observed in sport and in promoting sport as a means to achieve greater unity between its members and that the Council European dimension of disability sport with further trans-national and trans-sectoral co-operation, and a more aligned and evidence-.

The Summer Olympics and Paralympics through the lens of social science. or expressing national unity through sport, politics repeatedly result when sport becomes solely a means for exploitation and when the values upon which sport is based are jeopardized.

Several examples throughout history show that the Olympic Games have . NATIONAL SPORT and RECREATION PLAN Draft 7 By means of the following focus areas sport and recreation will serve as a medium to contribute to national unity, fostering a South African identity and promoting a common sense of belonging.

The sports industry is viewed as being of growing economic significance, reflected in its promotion in public policy. One specific aspect of this policy is to argue that investment in international sporting success creates pride from sporting success, which contributes to subjective well-being (SWB).

Also, General Yakubu Gowon’s administration accelerated the need for tertiary education to be an instrument of national unity, peace and social cohesion when the Federal Government at that time.

Promoting Tolerance. Along with outright injustice and violence, discrimination and marginalization are common forms of intolerance. Education for tolerance should aim at countering influences that lead to fear and exclusion of others, and should help young people develop capacities for independent judgement, critical thinking and ethical reasoning.

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