Reason for choosing financial performance topic

Line items such as revenue from operations, operating income or cash flow from operations can be used, as well as total unit sales. Furthermore, the analyst or investor may wish to look deeper into financial statements and seek out margin growth rates or any declining debt.

Reason for choosing financial performance topic

Part 1 - Project objectives and overall research approach 1. The topic I chose for my research and analysis project was the topic 8 of the topics provided by the Oxford Brooks University OBU in its latest April latest information pack.

I find myself confident in evaluating figures interestingly and easily. It also related to the major part of my ACCA studies that helped me also in my studies. There was not such a strong reason for the choice of my selected company, but I always find myself having good interest in industries and especially cement industry.

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As I had a good interest in analyzing figures so analyzing an industry's figure was more interesting to me by which I could also have a good knowledge about this industry that will help me in future for my career path.

Therefore I chose cement industry and Fauji Cement Company Limited as a company for my research and analysis project. This topic could develop good skills in me to analyze, understand and get to know the financial environment and matters of the finance and business normally faced by the companies.

My research and analysis project is based on the evaluation of the three years period of the Fauji Cement Company Limited from July 01, to June 30,as recommended by the Oxford Brooks University's Guidelines. The aims and objectives of my research and analysis project were to evaluate the Company with its business performance and financial position.

Reason for choosing financial performance topic

To evaluate the business performance I was aimed to evaluate its standing in the market as compare to its competitors, its ongoing progress, its contribution to the industry and economy of the country in broad. To analyze the financial position of the company first of all I was aimed to assure about its going concern status and business and financial sustainability.

I also aimed to consider its progress and growth over the years in its financial strength. SWOT analysis was taken to evaluate the company's strengths and weaknesses and opportunities and threats it has or will face in the market.

I also tried to object my report in context of risks it faces in the market and the diversified effects it that the market has over the company.

As a part of planning I made a draft research and analysis approach before starting on my research work. This approach proved very helpful in scheduling my time and tasks respectively.

I used guidelines provided by Oxford Brooks University in its latest April latest information pack consistently in my research work and even started form it.


First of all I had to select the topic and I used one of the standard topics provided by OBU's guidelines. I also concerned with my mentor about the topic and after confirming it I selected the suitable company for research work.

At this stage I had a lot of choices but I selected the industry in which I had good interest so I work on it interestingly. Gathering information and data and selection of reliable and relevant sources was itself a time taken job due to bulk of its availability and then to manage it in a symmetry order.

Meetings with my mentor were an ongoing task and I scheduled it at the convenience of my mentor but at the stage of my research work as recommended by the OBU.

I took meetings seriously because it was an effective guiding path towards the progress of my research work and its input was valuable for my project. I also gave meetings a good consideration because my performance was timely and effectively reviewed.Performance evaluation and ratio analysis of Pharmaceutical Company in financial performance and to establish the future trend of financial position.

We are choosing two pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. Gopinathan Thachappilly (), in this articles he discuss about the Financial Ratio Analysis for Performance evaluation. Performance Lawn Equipment Report; Performance Lawn Equipment Report Gearing and Long Term Stability 15 Investor Ratio 17 5 Conclusions 19 Business Performance 19 Financial Performance 20 Project Objectives and Overall Research Approach Reason for Choosing the Topic Among many choices of topics I choose the above topic.

The reason was increase in cost of goods sold% 41% % % Profit Margin (GPM): GPM is a financial metric used to assess a firm's financial health by revealing the proportion of money left over from revenues after accounting for cost of goods sold.4/4(11).

financial performance. he study T undertaken here deals specifically with financial performance measurements for SMEs which also part of the general performance management of are organisations, and whether these businesses are using the available tools mentioned above.

Topic 7: Financial Performance i. If yes, this may be a cause for concern and reason to pause the transition planning process to see what corrective actions can be taken. Talk to your MAFRD business In Financial Performance – Transition Scenarios topic, you will build on this historical analysis and.

The reason behind choosing this topic is I believe that I am quite familiar with this task after completing paper F7 and P2 of ACCA. I am also looking forward to work as financial analyst. Thus being an accounting student, I can complete this project by using my knowledge to determine profitability ratios, financial ratios and etc.

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