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Project ppt

Services PPT operates primarily as a management core which assists communities, government and donor clients in managing project preparation in an Project ppt, systematic and participative manner. This typically includes managing project funding, assessing and pre-screening candidate projects, briefing and managing professional project teams whether private sector or NGO basedensuring broad stakeholder participation and trouble-shooting to resolve challenges.

In capital intensive projects this typically also includes managing pre-feasibility and feasibility studies and submitting and following through on applications for implementation funding. In executing these services, PPT ensures the support and participation of all key stakeholders including the beneficiary community, local municipality, key government departments, and project Project ppt.

PPT also provides selective training, capacity building and policy services. Funders and Collaborations PPT has received and successfully managed a wide range of funding and has a clean audit history in this regard. PPT wishes to extend its thanks to all the donors who have provided it with funding over the years… click here for more.

Current Fundraising Priorities Securing sufficient funding for our pro-poor developmental programmes is an ongoing challenge for PPT and represents the major constraint on our ability to enhance and up-scale the work we do and thereby increase the number of beneficiaries we are able to reach.

PPT is currently seeking additional funding to sustain and enhance a range of priority objectives… click here to read more. Strategic Partners and Service Providers In addition to the above-mentioned funders, PPT works closely with a wide range of partner organisations, government entities and professional service providers.

PPT values these partnerships and associations which are crucial in achieving its developmental mandate. PPT also welcomes the opportunity to foster and establish new working relationships.

Special mention is made of the following existing partners: PPT works with too many professional service providers to mention them all. They include engineers, town planners, local economic development experts, social facilitators, environmental and geotechnical consultants, and agricultural experts.

Innovation In many instances the projects with which PPT is involved are innovative pilots, which test new and improved development solutions and approaches. Examples of some of the areas in which PPT has had impact in this regard include: A rigorous and systematic project preparation methodology applicable to all projects.

Detailed toolkits for the preparation of developmental responses for informal settlements. Detailed toolkits for the preparation of seven key types of infrastructure projects sewer treatment upgrades, water treatment upgrades, bulk water supply, water reticulation, bulk access roads, landfill sites, rural sanitation.

Participative pro-poor local economic action planning. The preparation of special needs housing projects. Developmental Projects and Programmes PPT is involved in a range of mutually supporting developmental programmes and wherever possible pursues a holistic and integrated approach.

PPT was established in order to assist South Africa with its transition to democracy through providing additional capacity and expertise to help overcome a range of developmental backlogs. PPT is thus exempt from paying income tax in the Republic of South Africa and all donations made to the organization are therefore not taxed and can be utilized in their entirety for developmental purposes.

Audits and Financial Controls PPT maintains high standards of financial accounting and control, as expected of an organization responsible for managing funds from third parties such as donors.

PPT operates according to a strict set of written financial controls that govern all financial activities including those relating to projects. In terms of its organizational operating finances, PPT is audited annually in terms of applicable South African legislation.

PPT has a clean audit history in this regard with 20 successive unqualified audits since its establishment. PPT is in addition also audited on a regular basis in terms of various specific donor funding agreements and it likewise has a clean audit history in this regard e.

Annual budgets and work-plans are approved by the PPT Board and progress against these is closely monitored throughout the year.

Project ppt

Semi annual and annual reports on both financial and operational aspects are submitted to the Board for consideration and approval. The annual work-plan includes a range of empirical performance result indicators across various key performance areas including its developmental programmes, human resources management and finances.

Regular meetings between management and the Finance and Operations Committees of the Board ensure that there is effective communication and monitoring of key financial and operational parameters. Sustainability PPT manages and evaluates its sustainability from both financial and human resources perspectives.

PPT has a multi-year financial sustainability model which is updated and approved on a regular basis. PPT also has medium term human resources strategies in order to ensure that the organization is well equipped with the skills it requires and to facilitate better succession planning.Creating a project plan is the first step companies and businesses do when undertaking any kind of project.

Use this slide PPT deck to show how to complete a project within a certain time-frame, usually with defined stages, and with designated resources.

There are numerous project management programs out there, ranging from simple scheduling programs to bloated behemoths that do everything but tap dance at the company picnic and wash windows in the corporate boardroom.

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