King corn

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King corn

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Most americans know corn in a form that is either popped, boiled, steamed, eaten off the cob or shucked and served as a side dish. But to the Mayan culture, corn has a bigger significance than just food. Corn Significance in Maya Culture Corn has played a significant role in empires, civilizations and people for thousands of years.

The Mayans regarded corn as a cornerstone of their culture and spirituality. Maize was so highly revered that the Mayans had a Maize God. Corn was a gift from the Gods and cultivating it was a sacred duty. Temples were built for Maize Gods and corn was used to nourish workers and kings.

To the Mayans, the Gods made humankind out of maize. The Mayans also considered this sacred plant a medicinal food — when suffering from severe illness they would eliminate all other foods from the diet and let corn alone nourish the person back to health — so his flesh and blood could be renewed like it was when the Gods created the first man and the first woman.

People that relied on the corn soon became sick with niacin Vitamin B3 deficiency symptoms. Corn soon became a poor mans food, barely good enough to survive on. What the Spanish forgot to take with them was the centuries old knowledge of how to prepare the corn to fully nourish the body.

Mayans inherited a knowledge of plants that had developed over thousands of years.


Mayans cook their corn in lime derived from limestone water which improves the nutritional value of the corn. It softens the kernel exterior, releases the germ, and converts nutrients such as niacin, B vitamins, and amino acids into a form easily absorbed by the human body.

Long before nutritional research was available, the Mayans had figured it out.

King corn

Cooking the corn in the lime solution also adds calcium, essential for strong bones. Maya cooks are extremely resourceful when it comes to utilizing corn and the menu is varied and delicious. The most common use of corn in Mayan households is the corn tortilla.

Making Corn Tortillas Corn tortillas may seem like a ho-hum, low class food to most, but the Mayan have relied on corn as a staple in their diet.

King corn

They are healthy, contain no lard or oil, and are irresistible when pulled right off the comal. Warm, soft and chewy, they are the ultimate comfort food.A little About us Most of Iranian dishes are prepared with herbs, vegetable and rice along with meat, lamb, chicken or fish.

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Engrossing and eye-opening, KING CORN is a fun and crusading journey into the digestive tract of our fast food nation where one ultra-industrial, pesticide-laden, heavily-subsidized commodity dominates the food pyramid from top to bottom - corn.

The Peabody-winning documentary from Mosaic Films Incorporated.

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