Entertainment as the societys priority

This is certainly true in certain parts of the world as the majority of Asian countries, in Africa, and in the Latin America or the Caribbean where awareness to the nature and the effects of rape have not yet reached the social awareness that it deserves.

Entertainment as the societys priority

Infor example, when the Communists took control, there were only 45 museums in China, many of which were destroyed or closed during the Cultural Revolution. Art museums are in the minority in a scene which encompasses the most specific and mundane of collections, including the Beijing Museum of Tap Water.

However, the most prominent buildings are dedicated to the arts.

Entertainment as the societys priority

This is demonstrated not only in the extensive state-sanctioned building of museums but also in its involvement in expanding the market for art in China. The majority of the art museums being built, while donning the latest architectural coats, are severely lacking in content, programming or qualified professionals, which often come as an after-thought.

Many of the state-run museums have declined to show or collect experimental art, or anything that may be deemed controversial. On the other side of the argument, with museums in the West struggling to survive and stay relevant in the 21st century, might these kinds of spaces, which blur private and public descriptions and allow for commercial funding, offer a more sustainable model for the future?

And might we speculate that the future of the public exhibition is one that will operate in less permanent and more fluid structures? While there are varying schools of thought on the current museum boom in China, most importantly we must ask whether these state-run spaces can truly become platforms on which ideas and art practice can be tested and pushed.

At the same time, how will these spaces invite and develop critical thinking and inquiry? It is only in these environments that art can truly flourish and evolve our current thinking of the world. And it is art that pushes the boundaries that will ultimately become historically significant.

While critically engaged art is being made by Chinese artists in China, what does it mean if they cannot show their work in the hundreds of art museums being built in the country? And while China is one of the highlights of our collection, our intent is to establish a comparative approach between the different art histories of the region and draw alternate frames of references from those well-travelled between Europe and the US.

As China embarks on the largest investment in the arts in the region, will it take the lead in opening up an exchange of ideas through the arts between neighbouring countries such as India and Indonesia, so it is not merely an inward, national-looking process?


And what way will China art system impact those in other parts of the world? It is very likely that most of the museums being built will have a short shelf life, but those that survive, that continue to receive the backing and become relevant to society, will play an important role in presenting narratives and histories through art to the public.

We must hope that art fundamentally becomes more than a trophy, a valued space for ideas and knowledge that will enrich one of the most rapidly changing societies in the world.

A visitor looks at a piece of work of Chinese artist Shen Fan.The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto has hired a new chief executive officer with seemingly no experience in child protection or previous work in the area of diversity, equity or anti-Black.

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The priority gap is highest on ensuring access to affordable health care: 75% of the public say it should be a high priority; just 15% say it is.

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The gap is lowest on ensuring everyone can afford college: 50% want it to be a high priority: 11% say it is. Social issues are those which affect the human society as a whole. These issues are pertaining human behavior, including government policies, religious conflicts, gender inequalities, economic disparities, etc.


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Media and Entertainment On the topic of abortion, the media of social communication in our society have clearly chosen their stance. By and large, dramatists, reporters, editors, talk-show hosts and even comedians are solidly in the "prochoice" camp.

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