Employee grievances

Sexual Harassment Procedures It is important that employees are treated fairly and receive prompt responses to problems and concerns. For this reason, the University provides a grievance procedure to promote prompt and responsible resolution of issues raised by staff and administrators. This procedure may be used freely without fear of retaliation, and the Office of Human Resources is available to assist throughout the procedure.

Employee grievances

With that in mind, it would be silly to expect our employees or juniors not to complain about one thing or another in the workplace. To hear an employee complaining about having a hard time with their tasks, or even day to day interaction with other employees, is already something that happens in many different companies.

Most companies have measures in place to deal with those complaints and resolve any problems. These measures could be in the form of company policies or programs that specifically focus on resolving issues employees have within the workplace, whether it has something to do with their job or with their co-workers.

The perspective shifts greatly when the complaints from employees are directed towards their employers.

There has always been a stigma attached to employees complaining against their employer, and this goes back to the old times. Stories of masters and slaves have been told through the ages.

If a slave openly expressed their opinions on what they considered to be the shortcomings of their masters, things did not end well. Your employees are not your slaves.

Employee grievances

Stories like those have been retold over and over as time went by, even as corporate and workplace cultures have evolved. Today, times have changed in favor of these employees and workers.

Worker rights have certainly gained more recognition, and one indication is how complaints are now given more attention and actually taken seriously.

Now, employees can make their complaints formal and they even have the right avenues and platforms to formally air their concerns.

Employee grievance is one of the many aspects of personnel management. If you try to go over the company policies and employee handbooks of companies, you are bound to find extensive discussion on employee grievance.

But what is a grievance in the first place? In the context of bosses and their juniors, there is a more specific definition provided by HR practitioners.

Often, you will also hear employee grievance when employers are accused by employees to have committed a violation of the terms of an existing collective bargaining agreement.

It is a complaint when the employee merely expresses his thoughts and opinions verbally, talking about it to anyone who cares to listen. It becomes a grievance when the employee formalizes it, mostly through putting the complaint in writing and submitting it to the appropriate authority tasked to look into the resolution of the complaint.

It is comparable to a university setting. Usually, the formal airing of the grievances is the only thing that results in action from the authorities.

Handling employee grievances is a function of the company human resource management department. It makes sense, since the employees can hardly file their complaints against the person they are complaining about, can they?

In these instances, the HR department acts as a semi-independent body. Employee grievance, although integrated into many company policies, remains to be a heavy and very sensitive issue.

Each grievance must be given serious attention, and that falls on the shoulders of the HR or a grievance committee, if there is one formed within the organizational structure.Phoenix Metro Area Local Stewards: Below you will find the MINIMUM documentation which should be included in every grievance file based on the violation: Hint: Click on the word "Checklist" under your particular topic.

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