Analysis of the contraints of tomato

Yields in Eritrea are comparatively low, due to agronomic, institutional and market constraints. We carried out a survey throughout the country based on a participatory rural appraisal, discussion groups and interviews with staff members of the Ministry of Agriculture. Results showed that farmers preferred varieties with a prolonged harvesting period and a long storage life unless other varieties are better yielding and can immediately be marketed.

Analysis of the contraints of tomato

Analysis of the contraints of tomato

Some features of this site may not work without it. This study considered a value chain analysis of tomato production and its related activities in the Kpone-Katamanso District of Ghana.

Data collection was well-structured questionnaires administered to respondents consisting of farmers, 39 distributors, 31 retailers and 20 consumers. The first objective identified the actors in the chain, their functions and existing linkages.

The main actors along the tomato value chain are farmers, distributors assemblers and wholesalers and retailers. The second objective examined the costs, returns and profit distributed along the chain by each actor. The retailer of the fresh tomato earned the highest profit of GHS 4.

This is followed by the distributors assemblers and wholesalers with GHS 0. The third objective identifies the power relations in the tomato value chain.

Diallel Analysis of Bacterial Wilt Resistance in Tomato Derived from Different Sources

The dominant actors who commanded power over others in the tomato value chain are the distributors of fresh tomatoes. The constraints to tomato confronting the actors are the lack of credit facilities, pests and diseases, lack of access to market information, seasonal price fluctuation of marketed tomato, high cost of tomato and unreliable source of supply.

Ready market existence for trader association, increasing use of tomato, food security and its derivatives were regarded as opportunities.Data from genes encoding five viral proteins were used for phylogenetic analysis, and for estimation of population parameters, subpopulation differentiation, recombination, divergence between Tospovirus species, and selective constraints on the TSWV genome.

Tomato species vary considerably in photosynthetic rate (A N) and intrinsic water‐use efficiency (iWUE), driven by constraints on leaf CO 2 diffusion and the maximum rate of carboxylation (V cmax). analysis, the study attempts to identify the relative importance of the different constraints by estimating the value lost to the chain as a result of the existence of these constraints.

Tomato crop was is not profitable in the selected shade net cultivation due to lower price and yield.

The major constraints were quality of net is not appropriate, lack of knowledge about appropriate technology, high temperature and high labour requirement.

Constraint Dual Price Interpretation 1 One more ounce of whole tomatoes will increase profits by $ 2 Additional ounces of tomato sauce will not improve profits; slack of ounces.

3 One more ounce of tomato paste will increase profits by $ d. Abubakari, Farida and Abubakari, Fariya, Analysis of Production and Marketing Constraints of Tomato Among Rural Farmers in Talensi Nabdam District of Upper East Region of Ghana (March 24, ). IJASRT in EESs, 4(1).

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