An essay on ballet dancing

Dance is a part of the rich cultural heritage of India. Its theme is derived from mythology, legends, classical literature, everyday life and nature. The rules and principles of classical dances were laid in the Natyashstra by BharatMuni, ages ago.

An essay on ballet dancing

Sample Critique by Wendy R. Oliver The vivid description in this student critique makes it exceptional. It also includes a strong introduction and conclusion; grounded analysis, interpretation, and evaluation; strong flow, and appropriate use of language conventions.

The writer was able to create a strong thesis for the entire paper as well as thesis sentences for individual dances. The performance featured eleven unique and nerve-wracking pieces that each presented a different aspect of the sheer power of gravity and the human body.

Popular hits from several different decades play before the show and during intermissions. The set credited to Michael Casselli calls attention to a red and blue color scheme and an interesting arrangement of jumbled equipment, including poles, scaffolding, and various machines placed about the stage.

The performers are not distinguished by their gender through their costuming; they all wear a series of sports tights and fitted shirts in dark, solid colors, with various colored or white crescent slashes.

The bodies become free-flowing and unrestricted as they intersect creatively as their supporting ropes coil about the pole.

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They float and swim through the air in slow motion, as if they were in a giant pool of water. The two simply lie supine on air, swinging farther and farther from the pole as their ropes unwind and they gracefully soar above the stage; the performers defy gravity on almost all levels.

The camera located at the top of the pole magnifies the aerial view of the performers, illustrating their control, fearlessness, and precision while soaring through the air. Six people perform lying down on a blue floor while an overhead camera projects their images onthe giant screen behind them; the live feed of moving dancers lying down on the blue floor, when projected vertically on the back wall, creates gravitational confusion.

The ground seems frictionless against their slippery unitards and the bodies slide effortlessly across the surface. At first, the scene is baffling: The bodies resemble amoebas that are blubbering about under an electron microscope.

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However, as the work progresses, humor becomes visible and the images are comprehended. When the dancers crunch and creep along the floor, feet braced against its back edge, their images walk awkwardly erect on the wall.

The image of a gravity-free world is one that is difficult to imitate, yet Streb does the near impossible, per usual. The dancers slam into the Plexiglass wall like birds flying into a bay window; the Plexiglass is amplified to stress the impact, but the impact cannot go unnoticed by any living being with the capability of vision in the theater.

The dancers dive, run, hop, leap, and bend over around and under the strap; they even walk on it as if it were a tightrope at the top of a circus tent. The men and women can jump on independently, perch a second, and jump off, which ultimately leads to a horde of crazy racing fumbles.

An essay on ballet dancing

Four people rotate a female dancer balanced atop the strap in a ballet attitude until her legunfolds into a balanced, straight, vertical arabesque.

This work is yet another example of a witty and imaginative blend of dance, circus, and extreme sports. The strap appears to barely move as the performers maneuver on and off it, but at each human impact, video cameras set up near its end project on the back screen a vivid frenzy of vibration.

Additionally, the audible noises the dancers make as they slam into the strap all at once and hit the floor beneath it convey impact pretty expressively. The most crystal-clear memory of this show was that the dancers fell down—very hard and from very high.

The company essentially toyed with physics: Dancers bounced over and on one another, pulled each other with ropes, jumped into Plexiglass, hung from hoops, and slid across surfaces.

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The performers yelled cues and thudded onto mats. There was nothing fake or abstract about this show.Apr 09,  · How to Ballet Dance. In this Article: Article Summary Getting Ready to Dance Learning the Barre Basics Practicing Plies, Tendus, and Extensions Community Q&A Ballet began in royal courts in the early s, and early forms of this elegant and sophisticated art .

Watch video · Martha Graham: The Mother of Modern Dance During the time when women were fighting for the right to vote in the United States, Martha Graham began to study dance . The Swan Lake Ballet Exquisite Choreography in the Swan Lake Ballet Swan Lake is an epic tale about a beautiful young princess placed under a spell by an evil sorcerer, which makes her a swan during the day and a woman by night.

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An essay on ballet dancing

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Over the years dance has helped me to grow in other ways.

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From it I have learned that hard work really does pay off. I learned that discipline and self control are not only a vital part of dancing. The essays in The Living Dance: An Anthology of Essays on Movement and Culture explore the history of both eastern and western forms of dance, and emphasize important trends in contemporary theatrical and social performance.

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