A summary of the book willow

Friday, June 6, Willow by Tonya Cherie Hegamin Set in Maryland, on the fictitious Knotwild Plantation inWillow tells the story of a fifteen year old slave, Willow, who must decide between the life her father and master choose for her or to run away to freedom and an unknown future with a young black, freeborn man she barely knows. Willow's mama died when she was young and her Granmam died last year, leaving Willow with just her Papa. She sits by her mother's grave located just near the Mason and Dixon line, the line between slavery in Maryland and freedom in Pennsylvania.

A summary of the book willow

Julia Hoban Booklist Julia Hoban Message Board Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Willow This story is about a teenage girl dealing with the death of her parents by causing physical pain to herself.

Willow follows the life of a teenaged girl also named Willow after the sudden death of both her parents. The only way Willow knows how to cope is by cutting herself and physical pain she can control.

Chapter Analysis of Willow

Click here to see the rest of this review Willow moves in with her brother, a college professor named David, his wife, and their new baby girl. She is also sent to a new school where she believes that everyone knows that she was driving the car that killed her parents and thinks she is a murder.

At the start of the novel, Willow is obsessing over a cut on the arm of a girl sitting next to her, wondering if it is self-inflicted like her own. However, instead of putting all her effort into working, Willow is distracted by the guilt she feels for messing up her brother's perfect life.

Willow and David have found it impossible to talk about their emotions following their parents' death, leaving Willow feeling isolated. She believes David resents her. Cathy, David's wife, has gone out of her way to make Willow feel welcome in their home, but Willow feels far from welcome.

Willow also feels jealous toward her infant niece, Isabelle. Whenever Willow sees David kiss or cuddle his daughter, Willow is forced to face the fact that she will never be anyone's daughter again.

Then, she meets Guy at the college library. Guy is a handsome young man in the same grade as Willow and she helps him find the books he needs for his research project.

Guy tries to find out more about Willow, but she assumes he only wants information to gossip about with his friends. Therefore, she tries to send him away by saying she killed her parents. However, the next time Guy sees Willow, he is as friendly as ever and even offers to buy her coffee.

Scatterbrained, Willow hurriedly tries to leave, but Guy pulls her arm and everything in her book bag, including her blades, fall out. At first, Guy doesn't get it. Then he notices the blood seeping through Willow's shirt from where he grabbed her and looks at the blades and he puts it together.

See a Problem?

Willow and Guy stare at each other in silence before Guy makes up his mind about what he is going to do. Guy proceeds to run to David's office, knowing he's Willow's brother, and Willow runs after him.

They run into the building, climbing stairs, and Willow manages to grab Guy's hand. Instead of stopping him, Guy is much stronger and pulls Willow along with him. They show up hand in hand at David's office.

Guy knocks on the door, and David opens it. David looks at the two teenagers, and their hands, and assumes the situation is that the two are in a relationship. Guy stands speechless and David tells them he'll be back in just a moment. During this interval, Willow convinces Guy that he cannot tell David or else David would be ruined.

And so, Guy keeps the secret, but he cannot stop thinking about Willow after that day.

A summary of the book willow

As unhappy as he is, he makes it his mission to help her.Willow rolls onto her stomach, the book she’s been trying to read for the past half hour tumbles to the floor as she buries her face in the pillow in a vain attempt to shut out the chattering in her head.

Willow manages to save Elora at the last moment from Bavmorda's murderous ritual, and Bavmorda is destroyed, in part by her own magic. He leaves the baby in the caring arms of Madmartigan and Sorsha. Willow returns happily to his village and his family with a gift from Raziel: a book of magic to study.

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Willow Book Summary and Study Guide. Julia Hoban Booklist Julia Hoban Message Board. Detailed plot synopsis reviews of Willow; This story is about a teenage girl dealing with the death of her parents by causing physical pain to herself.

Willow follows the life of a teenaged girl also named Willow after the sudden death of both her parents. Willow is a story written for young readers, but this book is perfectly suitable for all ages. The storyline in this book is really quite nice. There is enough excitement to keep the reader entertained, while still allowing ample room for character development/5.

A summary of the book willow

Blue Willow was a Newbery Honor book, won the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award in , and was named one of the Best Books of the Year by Horn Book Magazine; It also won the silver Commonwealth Club of California Book Award.

Willow: Novel [wayland drew] on timberdesignmag.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A child, born with a mark on her arm--the mark, according to an age-old prophecy, of the one who will bring down Queen Bavmorda--becomes the /5(26).

Willow Summary & Study Guide